professional social media presence

A Professional, Consistent Social Media Presence Is Vital For Your Brand

Utilize the power of social media for business

You already know that Social Media can be an extremely powerful tool for your business to utilize in order to reach a bigger audience, plus, all of your competitors are doing it! But how do the other players in your space do it so well? It's highly likely that they employ the services of a professional organization, like Angeleye, to maximize efficiency & results, whilst the executives of the business continue with their usual roles.
There are so many different Social Platforms; Twitter, Facebook, Insta, YouTube & many, many more! Should your business be present on all of them? Not necessarily. Your dedicated account manager at Angeleye can work with you to decide which platforms can work best for your business, depending on your target audience and goals.

"But I can do that myself!"

Many small business owners believe that because they are familiar with social platforms through operating their personal accounts, they can successfully manage a corporate online presence across multiple platforms, however, it's our experience that engaging with friends & colleagues in your own name is an entirely different beast compared to being the voice of a brand.
Social media management is a planned out process of managing your brand's identity & voice across social media by creating, publishing, and analyzing interactions with content posted. Managing social media also includes engaging and interacting with other social media users, who could include; competitors, potential customers & existing customers. A well run social media campaign can help to build recognition & awareness of your brand, products & services, as well as garner trust in your Company, but a badly ran campaign can be detrimental for years to come.

Posts, replies, responses, reactions, presentation & continuity all need to be delivered on your behalf with great attention to detail, in keeping with the voice of your brand, so do as others have & entrust Angeleye to manage your social presence whilst you run your business better than nobody else can!

Rely on us

You always retain ownership & remain in control of your accounts when you entrust us to assist with your Social Media Management needs. Liaise with your dedicated account manager to create a brief that includes your aims & requirements, so that our social-savvy team can seamlessly deliver your message in a professional & appropriate manner.