Consultancy For the Hotel Sector

Tailored Solutions to Help Hotels Thrive

Optimization for success

Whilst we do provide consultancy to businesses across many different industry sectors, we have seen an increase in demand from the hotel sector. In many ways, the world has become a ‘smaller place’ than it once was, largely thanks to cheaper modes of travel and new mindsets spreading throughout the internet. Whilst it is positive that more people are travelling, hotels no longer enjoy to be the only temporary accommodation option for travellers, due to the fast and aggressive rise in websites and apps that facilitate the booking of apartments and houses as an alternative to hotels. Whether chains, boutiques or single location properties, hotels large and small have had to up their game, especially in terms of marketing and customer satisfaction, in order to continue attracting guests. As competitiveness increases throughout the industry, hoteliers must ensure to perpetually evolve and optimize in order to stand-out from their competition for all the right reasons.

Our consultants usually start with an assessment of the hotel’s functions from the point of view of the guest, after all, they are the key to not only surviving, but thriving as a hotelier. The initial assessment can be done overtly, or covertly via the mystery guest method, in fact we have successfully used a combination of both methods to generate extremely useful insights and actionable advice for our Clients across almost every area of their business.

It’s true that communication is a vital part of any business’ success story. Communication between staff, different departments and varying levels of management must be on-point to ensure the smooth operation of a hotel, but the ability for staff to understand, empathize with and assist guests efficiently is critical to ensuring that the guest has the most comfortable and stress-free stay at your establishment as possible. We can help to optimize customer satisfaction through a range of training and advices, depending on our findings and discussions with you, the Client. Whether your team need to better their interpersonal skills, or increase their level of English language to communicate with international visitors, we can help with a comprehensive solution. Our level 3 and level 5 qualified TEFL/ESOL tutors are experienced in delivering business English courses that are laser focused and tailored to your needs.

Whilst we believe that most customers would be delighted to realise that you take action to achieve the pinnacle in hotel stay experience, we also accept that not everybody needs to know exactly how you do what you do! Therefore, our services are confidential and delivered in a discreet fashion, with entirely minimal disruption to the functioning of the business.

Standards are increasing, the bar is rising, don’t get left behind!