Number 1 Best-Seller!

In 2021 we were tasked by a self-publishing author with designing a book cover for an autobiography, but realizing the ways in which Angeleye could assist were not limited solely to design work, our role in the project expanded. Our team facilitated tasks such as; proof reading, formatting the paperback version and e-book for Amazon KDP, market analysis, creating and implementing a pre-launch marketing campaign and even organizing book launch events in four major UK cities. Our efforts contributed to the publication hitting Amazon’s Number 1 Best Seller spot within just twenty-four hours of launch!

We are proud to say that our involvement with, and commitment to, this project is still ongoing at the time of writing, as we continue to help create awareness and drive conversions via our social media marketing efforts. Even two years on from its launch, the best-seller continues to hit strong sales figures throughout Europe, UK, USA and Australia, having also seen sales as far as Japan!

Largely due to the economic climate throughout much of the world, we have seen a dramatic increase in entrepreneurialism and the search for passive income. One of the most popular places those looking to launch an online side hustle find themselves at is Amazon, considering either an FBA business or a KDP publication. Both can be very useful and highly effect, but there are many factors that lead to success via these means, not least a solid marketing strategy. 

If you’re looking to launch a product or service to the world, get in touch with Angeleye Business Solutions LLC today to discuss the many ways in which we can assist you.