Angeleye Assists With Improved Supplier, Increases Quality & Margins For Client

Contracted in a consultancy role, we analysed the inner workings, functions, and plans of a start-up fashion brand. One of the issues we identified was that the business was not engaging directly with its own supplier, instead liaising through an intermediary. This was not only detrimental to their profit margins, but it also created a risk of miscommunications and other difficulties. In a meeting, it was discovered that the business owner had concerns about procuring overseas, including the language barrier, quality control, and potential for theft or fraud.

Our team worked swiftly to refine options in several countries and promptly pinpointed a factory in Turkey with an outstanding reputation in business that had extended over many years. We arranged a virtual tour of the factory for our client via video link. They had the opportunity to interview the management and explore the facility. This not only saved our client time and money in the long-term but also established a lasting relationship between the two businesses across different continents. Moreover, the client can now communicate directly with the factory, which provides added peace of mind.

Given that Angeleye Business Solutions LLC was contracted by the Client in a consulting capacity, we were pleased to facilitate such a significant business connection that can continue to benefit the Client well into the future, without any ongoing costs or commissions being due to us. This outcome is in stark contrast to the start-up's prior circumstance, in which they felt stuck in an expensive and restrictive ‘middleman’ situation. Among other things, this case demonstrates that if a business hires the correct consultancy firm on a clear fee basis, the firm will strive to act and advise with the best interests of its Client in mind to produce the most efficient outcomes. Whilst we are open to the prospect in some circumstances, we rarely work on a commission basis. Furthermore, we do not have any obligations to any particular jurisdiction or business in any sector, therefore, we can evaluate situations with an independent perspective.

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